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    We just started looking into leveraging our Jive internal instance (Buzz) to complement physical conferences that our sales and business units have each year.  It would seem to be a natural fit.  I am guessing many of you have done this as well.  What worked well?



    1) Here is a screenshot from a "clickable demo" site we are using to promote the service.


    Buzz Event Demo.JPG


    2) Here is the current list of services we are promoting.




    For your next event consider leveraging Buzz to be a virtual compliment to your physical conference.  Below are the services and features you can leverage to create a virtual conference.




    Pre - Event: Information on the event, the location, and get everyone excited!



    1Create a graphical space for all content and information

    Use your current group (temp page takeover), a project hanging off of your main group, or a new group dedicated for the event.  A clickable graphic to provide information paths to

    • Pre-content - speakers, agenda, break-out sessions, 
    • Location information - events, sign-up info, what to do in the area etc.. 
    • Create excitement - blogging, polls, video, participant comments
    2Pre-contentleverage Buzz documents to post information on the agenda, the speakers, breakout session agenda.  One place to have the official and latest versions will make it easy for participants to keep track of changes (rather than sift through email).  It will eliminate the need for paper distribution.
    3Location informationPost information about the area, links to tourism information, restaurants, golf, boating etc...   Sign-up information for events
    4 Create Excitement
    • Speakers and leadership can post blogs or create short videos on the event and session content previews, they can also interact with participants which will bring people to the event site to check out other information.  Management/outside speaker involvement = event engagement! 
    • Engage with participants - create polls, thoughtful discussions to get participants talking.  (e.g. What session are you most interested in attending?, Have you been to (event location) before, tell us about the area?)  They can be simple, fun, and help inform about events.  Possibly offer a random drawing prize to those that post on the site, join the group. 
    • Participant interaction - they can create their own discussions and blog posts on the event.
    5Buzz Group for the EventIf you already have an existing Buzz group you can do a "takeover" of the group for the duration of the conference.  Alternatively you could create a project to stay inside that same group specific for the conference material and dialog.  Finally, you could create a separate group independent from your day to day team group.




    During Event: Real-time learning, notes and "ah-ha" moments


    1Real Time notes and official "ah ha" momentsHave an event planner real time blog on keynotes and events.  It allows participants to focus on the speaker and not worry about summation notes.  It also allows the event to ensure that the main points from the sessions are easily accessible.
    2Participant comments, "ah ha" moments

    Users can leverage a number of company connected devices (see Other section below) to post content that would go to the event site.  This can create excitement, re-enforce key points and generally keep people engaged.  There are a couple of different approaches to present this content

    • On the site - anyone accessing the Buzz event site will see the content 
    • email - Users that signed up for email alerts will get an email with the content that others posted 
    • event coordinator highlights - The event could cherry pick comments and present them in a later session (at a closing session or day 2 opener etc..) 
    • real time updates (FEATURE NOT CONFIRMED) - there are a couple of approaches we are looking at such that you could have a "twitter like" feed on a kiosk/flat panel in lobbies or during an event... 
    • Possibly offer a prize to those that post on the site during the session.
    3Live Video StreamFEATURE NOT CONFIRMED - live stream an event (option to record it).  This is valuable for possible a keynote from senior mgmt so all members of organization can be engaged even if they are not at the event.  Could be used if overflow seating is needed in a second room.  To do this, we have a third party we are exploring, but it would appear as if it is part of the Buzz event site.




    Post Event:Continue the conversation, Make content available to participants and others



    1video/presentation material from the eventsPlace all of your links to video, upload video (if under 50meg) and presentation material for all members to see.  If you choose, you could "open up the group" to allow a wider audience to see the material.
    2management and speaker blogsManagement, Event staff and speakers could add additional blog posts to "continue the dialog"
    3Questions by participants to mgmt/speakersParticipants could post questions and insightful discussion items after the conference to keep the dialog going.
    4Ideation: e.g. Product ideas, topics for the next conferenceThere is an idea section where ideas can be posted and voted on by group members.   Another possible giveaway opportunity for those that post.
    5What happens to the group and material?This group can become  a group you use for more day to day business, or sit off on the side for later reference.  Either way the content will not be deleted.