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    From our friends at Nokia, who have fully embraced  crowdsourcing as a means to open innovation.


    Thank you and Karoliina Harjanne for sharing! =)

    Dear partner, colleague, crowdsourcing fan,


    It’s time to thank you for this great, memorable year of 2011.


    A lot is achieved during this year –thanks to your inspiration. So it’s time to share! (in a form of a short reading of 7 pages)


    The article " Idea Crowdsourcing at Nokia – 12 months wiser" is to be published in Service Innovation Year Book 2012 by European Commission, DG Information Society and Media early 2012. We are a member in the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group facilitated by the DG in question.


    Do not even dream of getting anything of academic standard in front of your eyes, we didn’t J. It’s merely a case description by us who lived that story.


    I’m more than grateful if you open the attachment – and in case it raises questions, comments, I am behind every word, and criticism is one way to express that it raised at least some attention – please drop a note, if you feel like that.


    Thank you for the year 2011 and Happy Holidays to you all!

    Warm Regards,



    Pia Erkinheimo

    Head of Crowdsourcing


    CTO Office