Community Manager Reports FAQs

Version 9

    The following answers may help you with your questions about Community Manager Reports.

    Do I have to pay for this plugin?

    No. The plugin is provided free of charge to all customers.  It does not require a subscription to the Business Objects analytics module.


    What versions of Jive does this plugin work with?

    Check out our System Requirements.


    Does this plugin require any new services or infrastructure?

    The plugin requires the Analytics database to be setup and enabled.  For more on this, see the Requirements and Getting Started.


    How do I install this plugin?

    If you are hosted by Jive, please file a support ticket to have the plugin installed in your UAT environment.  As part of that request, you may wish to request a data refresh of your UAT environment.  If so, be sure to ask in your request that the Analytics database is also refreshed.


    Otherwise, download the plugin and follow the installation instructions.


    Why do I not see the Reports tab?

    The Reports tab only appears for owners/administrators of groups/spaces and for community managers and administrators.  Make sure you have enabled Analytics in the Admin Console. For more on this, see Configuring Community Manager Reports.


    How can I add profile fields to filters in reports

    When you filter reports, you may want to use profile fields that are not in the filter list. For more on this, see the help instructions.


    Will the plugin handle custom content types?

    The Community Manager Reports plugin supports custom content types generated by the Ideation and Video plugins, but all other custom content types are not currently supported.


    Who can see reports?

    Community level reports are visible only to the Jive administrators and community managers (those that have "Manage System" privileges). Space or group reports are visible to the administrators and owners of those places.


    Can reports be emailed nightly?

    No, this feature is not currently supported.


    Why are reports sometimes slow to load and sometime very fast?

    The first time you load a report in a given day, it may take a while to compute all of the historical data points, especially when there is a lot of historical data.  Once the report is computed, it's saved for the remainder of the day.  Subsequent loading of that exact same report (same filters and time range) should be very fast.


    Will there be a way to pull a list of groups/group owners to reach out to them for targeted communications?

    When you export the "Places Leaderboard" you get the top 1000 places including info on the owners of those groups/spaces.


    Am I able to download a list of all users on our system? Currently we use this data combined with our HR data to know which profiles to disable.

    Not currently.


    Will I be able to define specific dates for reporting other than past 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 1 year?

    Note: This is for looking up trends around certain communication pushes internally and we currently do this via Unica reporting.

    Not currently.  Custom date ranges is on the roadmap.


    Not currently.


    Will I be able to see specific user activity for a given space or group? Similarly, can I look up activity for a particular user (what they’ve viewed)?

    You can use the filter control to zero in on a single user if you want.  This does not tell you WHAT the user has looked at or written, however.



    What are the user count differences between CMR and Admin Console Reports?

    Community Manager ReportsAdmin Console Reports (Analytics)
    Active UsersUsers who have viewed at least one item in the previous 30 days.The total number of users who have logged in for a given time period.
    Participating UsersUsers who have commented, liked, rated/voted, edited, or created content in the previous 30 days.n/a
    Contributing UsersUsers who have created new content in the previous 30 days. You need to actually create something and not just respond to existing content to be considered a contributing user. For example, you can start a discussion, ask a question, or post a document in order to be considered a contributing user.The subset of active users who have taken at least one CREATE action in the system (e.g. starting a discussion, publishing a document, or writing a comment).
    New Usersn/aThe subset of active users whose first login falls within the given time period. Note that this set is not disjoint from Contributing Users because any user who logs in for the first time and creates a piece of content will show up in both counts.
    Total UsersAll system users, excluding disabled, inactive or external users.n/a

    Are photo albums (via the plugin) tracked in any way?

    Not currently.


    What are the known issues with this plugin?

    For a list of known limitations for the current release, see the Known issues.


    Where can I provide feedback or report issues?

    Please post questions or ideas in the SBS Analytics Group in the Jive Community.