Notable Issues in Jive Connects for SharePoint

Version 1

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    When the Require SSL parameter is set to Yes, SSL fails

    Do not set the Require SSL parameter even when using SSL.



    IP restrictions may need to include load balancer IP addresses

    The sharepoint.ip.restrictions in Jive may need to include the IP addresses of load balancers in front of Jive. The Impersonation IP restrictions in SharePoint may need to include IP addresses of load balancers in front of SharePoint.



    SharePoint installer does not handle Central Admin only servers

    The manual workaround is:
    1. Deploy the jive.sharepoint.wsp solution to the central admin web application.
    2. Manually copy all JiveGlobalResources.* files from 12 Hive\Resources to central admin virtual directory\App_GlobalResources. For example, copy C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\Resources\JiveGlobalResources.* to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\12345\App_GlobalResources.



    When using Claims-based authentication, Jive searching SharePoint may provide invalid results

    Use any of the following workarounds if you cannot change the web application to use Windows Authentication (a.k.a. Classic Mode Authentication):
    1. Ensure that the service account defined in the SharePoint Location within System > Settings > SharePoint Connector > SharePoint Locations in the Jive Admin Console hasthe lowest level of user access to the entire SharePoint farm. This will allow any Active Directory accounts to search and return results that the service account can see.
    2. Disable or delete the corresponding OpenSearch Engine entry in System > Settings > OpenSearch Engines in the Jive Admin Console. This effectively removes SharePoint search results for all users in Jive for this SharePoint Location.
    3. Create another SharePoint Location pointing to a SharePoint web application using Windows Authentication. Then disable or delete the OpenSearch engine for the other SharePoint Location as described in method 2 above. This new SharePoint Location would allows search results to be properly security-trimmed for Jive users whose corresponding SharePoint account is an Active Directory account. Other accounts will get no results.



    Moving folders and libraries in SharePoint doesn't always work well with streaming

    If renaming or moving a folder does not update the files within Jive with the file's new URL:


    1. Edit properties on the SharePoint file, explicitly causing an update to occur.
    2. Synchronize SharePoint Containers in jive Admin Diagnostics for the SharePoint site.


    If moving files to another document library that is not part of the streaming set using Windows Explorer shows as a permission change, and Jive does not get the new path for the document or delete it:


    1. Disable each file from stream and then move the files or containers to a non-streaming container.
    2. Delete the SharePoint-streamed files in Jive.


    If using Content and Structure to move files within the same library results in the file being deleted from Jive:


    1. Edit properties on the SharePoint file, explicitly causing an update to occur.
    2. Synchronize SharePoint Containers in jive Admin Diagnostics for the SharePoint Site.


    Moving files within the same document library using Windows Explorer works fine.



    Using claims for entitlements is not supported for the activity stream using SharePoint security

    Use SharePoint groups for entitlements.



    The scroll bar does not show in the place chooser in IE 9 when there are more than 30 groups/spaces

    You can see scroll bar if you highlight one place and drag the mouse downward.