Version 1


    Tait Radio is a Jive customer since November 2009. We started with Jive 3.0.8 and stayed with that environment for a year before upgrading to version 4. During 2011 we upgraded to 4.5 and recently to Our Jive system is called TaitHub and is an internal system only. From a technical perspective it is running on Solaris x86 using a standard PostGres DB. Our LDAP user directory is the source for authentication and security groups.


    Upgrade and Modification philosophy

    1. We upgrade only if there is a tangible business benefit. These would include functionality that the user community is waiting for or an important bug fix.
    2. Our system is relatively vanilla. The modifications we did do included
      1. (simple) Tait Branding
      2. installing some plugins that provided important functionality


    Installed Plugins

    • Essential Plugin (albeit officially not supported on version 4.5 it's working nicely)
    • Admin Console Reporting (basic reporting, good start on Analytics)
    • Admin Essentials (additional admin functions that should be part of the core product)
    • Community Navigation (just space navigation)
    • Google Maps Macro
    • Quick Templates (content templates)


    Considered Plugins

    • Document Lock (basic DM function)



    • We have a small number of external contractors that work closely with staff on specific projects. These contractors should not have access to all of TaitHub but to the specific projects only. See the Engage Partners group for this discussion.
    • We don't (yet) have a full time community manager. Instead a small group of dedicated people make things happen.
    • Our structure in Jive is changing as we have grown as an organisation and learned as a team what works and what doesn't.
    • Integration with other Business systems (CRM - SalesForce, Email/Calendar - Google Apps, Document Management - not yet defined, user profile management) has great opportunities e.g Project Calendaring, task management, contact management, ....
    • Mobile access "just let me edit content using my iPad" is becoming more and more important.
    • Personal status like "I'm online" needs integration with Google, SalesForce, and Skype
    • Status messaging needs integration with SalesForce Chatter and Google Chat.