Known Issues in Community Manager Reports 5.0/4.5

Version 5

    Problem ID

    Release Notes Title


    In version 4.5, tool tip help does not wrap properly


    In version 4.5, the "Ready for refresh" button text is unreadable when using IE6


    Questions with multiple helpful answers produce different values for "Questions with Helpful Answers" when intervals are changed, for example, from 7 days to 1 year


    Questions with multiple responses produce different values for "Questions with Responses" when intervals are changed, for example from 7 days to 1 year


    For the User Adoption Chart, if there is no activity for 30+ days, but there was activity in the past, you see the activity data for the last day instead of 0


    In version 4.5, horizontal lines are not shown in charts when using IE9


    In version 5.0, When you select a date for the Join Date filter, the Occupation filter drop down list disappears


    In version 5.0, dashboard charts are not aligned when using IE7


    In version 5.0, Start to End Date is off by one day from data in a downloaded CSV report


    In version 4.5, number fields that are filterable do not appear in filter control for charts


    In version 4.5, you do not see the Reports icon when using IE6


    By their nature, some reports contain more data and compute more intensively than others. This is especially true of the User Adoption and Places Activity reports which computes activity within a moving window over the report interval and the views on each piece of content within each place, respectively. Even for moderate analytics data sets, these reports may take longer to load than the other reports.


    If you have lots of analytics data (30+ GB) in your Analytics database, you may experience slow responses to more reports, especially when filters are applied. In these cases, you may need to run your Analytics database on a separate host and tune that database for an analytics (versus transactional) work load.