OFFISYNC-1974: Office Download Links Do Not Point to Same Executable

Version 1


    The sidebar download link for Jive for Office within a Jive instance can point to the wrong executable file that will not work with the plugin installed on the Jive instance. However, the Tools menu will always point to the correct download.  This issue is usually encountered after upgrading the Jive for Office plugin on the Jive instance


    Issue Details

    • Jira Issues:
      • OFFISYNC-1974
    • Affected Versions:
      • Jive for Office v5.0.1.3 (and earlier)
      • Jive for Outlook v1.0.3.215 (and earlier)
    • Fix Versions:  N/A


    Identifying the Problem


    1. Customer is using the above versions of the Jive for Office/Outlook plugins


    1. Users are unable to connect to the instance from within the Microsoft applications
    2. The following error message is displayed:

    The credentials in your browser session do not seem to authenticate you with the server. Please make sure that you only press 'Done' when you are logged-in with your user.



    Force users to download the client applications from their Tools menu instead of from the sidebar links on documents:

         1.  Add the following system property and value to the Jive instance from Admin Console > System > Management > System Properties:

          = false

         2.  Instruct your users to download the latest version of the plugin client and install it on their machines