Community Manager Reports Plugin

Version 5



    Community Manager Reports (CMR) is an analytics tool built into Jive for use by community managers and Group owners.  CMR is simple to use yet provides deep insights into the adoption and growth of Communities and Groups, including the ability to drill into the contribution of any set of users.


    Community Manager Reports provides the following key features:

    • Report on Users, Content, Questions and Answers, Profile Completion and Top Places.
    • Report on an entire Jive community or at the level of individual Groups and Spaces.
    • Incorporate entire population or focus on any subset of users.
    • Show trends over periods from seven days to one year.
    • Export charts as CSV.
      The following easy-to-use analytics become integrated with Jive when you install CMR:
    • Improve communities through insights into user behavior and trends
    • Empower Group and Space owners to track key metrics against their goals
    • Communicate community status and growth with attractive reports



    Community Manager Reports supports Jive 4.5.7 and higher and 5.0.1 and higher.


    CMR Hotfix and

    2.29.2012  Updated plugin release compatible with Jive 4.5.7+ and 5.0.1+ that fixes the following issues:

    • CMR-780 The URLs for secret spaces or groups may be visible to Community Managers.
    • CMR-654 When the community is configured with a non-root context path, the global dashboard has styling issues and does not show data.


    Version Information

    Community Manager Reports supports Jive 4.5.7+ and 5.0.1+


    Plugin Version Compatibility Matrix