Version 2

    There are many dependencies within the Jive Application on the jiveURL. The jiveURL changes frequently during initial site configuration when events like SSL conversions and vanity URL changes are commonplace. Changing the jiveURL is as simple as changing its system property, but when making this change you need to be aware that there are almost always other properties that need to be changed. Keep an eye out for these!


    Note: This list is compiled based on the experience of Jive from our hosted environment and may not include all relevant considerations for an on-premise deploy.  It is important to work with network administrators for other environment-specific configurations.



    Single Sign On (SSO)

    In 5.0 with the built in SAML support, it is critical to ensure that you update the "Base metadata URL" property to match the new jiveURL. There are two ways to do this:


    1. Admin UI (People > Settings > Single Sign On > SAML > Advanced - Change "Base metadata URL")


    2. Edit the system property saml.baseURL



    Mobile technically does not require for the Gateway URL to match the jiveURL but it does require the connection settings to be updated after a jiveURL change. Best practice is to simply update the Gateway URL to match the new jiveURL. You can make this change on the Mobile > Connection Setup page:





    This is a change that needs to be made on the Twistage console. When Twistage streams a video to the Jive instance, it is very picky. The user must be accessing the site using the jiveURL and the Twistage callback hooks need to match the jiveURL. If the customer has the Video Module, follow the instructions provided here The specified item was not found. and validate that you can view videos in the front end.


    SSL/Tomcat Configuration Check

    Ensure that the the Tomcat connector reflects the new URL.  This is configured in the server.xml file.


    Apache Server Check

    Ensure that any redirects you have configured previously are reconfigured to point to the new URL.



    You will need to reconfigure your Twitter plugin with a new Twitter app.  Configuration instructions are found here: Setting Up Access to Twitter.



    You will need to reconfigure your LinkedIn with a new LinkedIn app.


    Jive for Office/Outlook Plugins

    Ensure that the account configured in the Jive for Office/Outlook plugin contains the new URL (even if the change was due to adding SSL support).



    The Emoticon filter doesn't get updated on jiveURL changes. This is configured at Spaces->Settings->Filters and Macros->Emoticon Filter (/admin/edit-render-filter!input.jspa?filterName=EmoticonFilter)