Check your reports for new year sorting issues

Version 1

    Happy New Year!


    When I got back into the office on Tuesday (1/3) I checked my reports to find that my monthly charts had some sorting woes.  This is our first new year since our launch so maybe the more senior members of the Jive analytics community are laughing saying "been there, fixed that".  Here is a sample from one our group level reports.  As you can see we have January 2012 followed by Aug 2011..yikes!

    count by month.JPG


    I have one fix that I'll describe here.  I thought of a couple different ways that we could address this, but since I got to a reasonable point I decided to quit while I was ahead and move on.  But certainly share if you have other approaches.


    This chart leverages the time fields "Month of Year" and "Number of year" as shown below.  When you only have data from one year it certainly reads better showing the month first then the year.  The issue is I couldn't find a way to sort the year first and then the month.  There is a custom sort option I saw but it was always grayed out.  If someone knows out to make that active in this situation maybe that would solve the problem.


    So the solution was to switch the display to show the year first then the month. (below screen shot shows them switched)


    Order of Month & year.jpg


    Then sort both fields as Descending as shown below...




    here is the final result...



    final version with correct sort.JPG

    I tried to use the YYYYMMDD field as that would sort as a user would expect, however I could not find a way to use that field as the sort but filter out all of the data except the monthly total.  I also could imagine combining the month and year as a variable and using that as the display, but didn't give that a try.  If that would work then it might be a nicer solution as you could show the month then year which would be easier to read. 


    Hope this helps...