Version 5

    You may have noticed that on your instance, you aren't seeing data anymore under the Reporting > Reports tab of the Admin Console:


    Screen shot 2012-01-18 at 11.12.38 AM.png


    You should still see data in the Reporting > Dashboard tab as long as you have Analytics enabled.


    Where did the data go?


    Jive has decided to disable these reports by default on new instances.  These reports are legacy functionality - they existed before we even had an analytics database!  The reasons for turning these off include:

    • We now have better ways to track activity within Jive.
    • Enabling this feature will increase the server load, which can cause serious performance degradation. If you have concerns about system performance, you should not enable it.  This is the result of a task that populates the graphs with data.
    • These reports take up large amounts of space in the application database.
    • The reports are old and prone to malfunction


    Why haven't they been removed from the Admin Console entirely?


    This tab will be removed from the Admin Console in Jive 6.0.


    My Reporting > Reports tab is still showing data.  How do I disable it?


    Set the system property stats.enabled=false.


    What should I use now for reporting?


    • If you are on version 4.5.7+ or 5.0.1+, you can install the newCommunity Manager Reports Plugin
    • The Reporting > Dashboard tab in the Admin Console uses data from the analytics database.
    • If you would like to query your databases directly and are a hosted Jive Custom or JiveX Custom customer, you can download copies of your databases to set up locally.  File a support case in your customer group to request database downloads, or see How To: Working With Database Dumps for more details.
    • If you have the Analytics Module/Business Objects, you can use this tool to generate analytics reports.


    Does this apply to the Reporting > Dashboard tab?


    No, the Reporting > Dashboard should work on Hosted instances.  The Dashboard tab does query the analytics database directly.  But, please be aware that the Dashboard will not be included in Jive 6.0.