Version 5

    This applies to: 3.0.x and below (steps may vary slightly for 3.5.x and greater). Due to significant changes in the permissions system in the 4.0 release, the step to fix the administrator role listed here will not work. For updated information, please seeHow to unlock your admin account in Jive.


    High-Level Summary: How to regain access to your admin account if it loses its System Admin role or the password is changed.


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    There are a few situations that can render your admin account unusable: It's disabled, the password is changed, or the System Admin role is removed. Ideally, you'd log into a second System Admin account to fix this through the Admin Console. In the case that admin was your only System Admin, here are the steps to fix it:


    • admin is disabled: You'll have to change the userEnabled flag in jiveUser from 0 to 1 for the user. An example query:
    UPDATE jiveUser SET userEnabled = 1 WHERE userID = 1;


    • admin's password is changed: You'll have to reset the passwordHash and the creationDate in jiveUser. An example query (this will change your password to admin):
    UPDATE jiveUser SET passwordHash = '5ca18bf6852bacbb8fe557a3673f778d1f83b51f3cdbced4b6f9668d85f04ad9', creationDate = 1238458204921 WHERE userID = 1;


    • admin's System Admin role is removed: You'll have to add it in again manually in the jiveUserPerm table. An example query:
    INSERT INTO jiveUserPerm VALUES (17, -1, 1, 1, 59);