Version 7

    This workaround is no longer supported due to the Discontinuation of Support and Services for Jive 4.5 Starting April 15th, 2013.



    When users elect to send content as e-mail, the application should send one copy of this e-mail to the e-mail address of choice. This applies to sending blog posts, documents, or any other content type as e-mail. However, this issue will cause the content to be sent out repeatedly for an indefinite amount of time. This is due to some transactions in the application database getting rolled back and therefore some columns in the jiveInvite table left unfilled.


    Issue Details

    • JIRA Issues:
      • JIVE-5534
    • Affected Versions:
      • Jive 4.5.5.X
      • Jive 4.5.6.X
    • Fix Versions:  Jive 4.5.7.X and above


    Identifying the Problem


    1. Customer is receiving emailed content repeatedly every few minutes.
    2. The user is using one of the affected versions listed above.


    1. Query the application database and verify that the jiveInvite table is missing data for the sentDate column and state is not set to 2. You can use the following query to determine this:
    SELECT DISTINCT invitationID FROM jiveInvite WHERE userID=<affected_user_id> AND sentDate IS null AND state<>2;


    If this query returns any rows, you have confirmed that the issue is JIVE-5534.  Save the results of this query for the workaround below.



    Fill in the columns' missing information and clear the application's cache via Admin Console > System > Settings > Cache.

        1. Perform the following query on the application database:

    UPDATE jiveInvite SET sentDate=1111111111111, state=2 WHERE userID = <affected_user_id> AND invitationID = <invitationID_from_above>;

        2.  Clear the application's caches