Version 8


    Quick guide to optimizing the Jive Mobile app for a given type of implementation.  Note that the Jive documentation covers this as well:

    Customizing the Mobile Home Page

    Customizing the Mobile User Interface


    Compatibility Matrix

    Examples are for Jive 5.0.1+ using the Mobile Plugin 5.0.3.

    For lesser versions, the unsupported features are automatically excluded according to the following Compatibility Matrix:

    FeatureSupported Jive Version + Mobile Plugin Cofigurations
    Jive TabletJive 5.0.1+ with Mobile Plugin 5.0.3+
    Configurable Home Page (mobile web app.  Does not apply to the native iPhone or iPad apps)

    Jive 4.5.6+ with Mobile Plugin 4.5.3

    Jive 5.0.1+ with Mobile Plugin 5.0.3+

    Note: Mobile plugins are contained here: Mobile Plugin Download Doc


    Recommended Config


    Community TypeSettings
    Internal Employee Community

    Theming: At least logo and header color.

    Redirection: Yes for both mobile and tablet clients.

    Home Page: Disabled for mobile client.  Tablet banner images suggested but not required.

    External Customer Community

    Theming: Logo, header color, homescreen bookmark icon.

    Redirection: Yes for mobile client and No for tablet client.

    Home Page: Enabled for mobile client with at least the Welcome Message and ~5 featured places.  Tablet banner images suggested but not required.


    Connection Setup Page


    This page is usually only touched once during the initial registration process.  For the purposes of this doc, the only relevant section is the portion for redirection settings near the bottom.


    When enabled, the users will be redirected to the mobile app when attempting to access a community page from a supported mobile device.  Note that the request must be able to reach the Jive instance so if the community's behind the firewall and the device is not on the network, all of this is moot.  Regardless, it's very useful for external communities and internet addressable internal communities or while on the corp wifi.


    By default, redirection is disabled for both Mobile and Tablet clients.

    Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 10.46.47 AM.png

    External Communities should Enable the Mobile clients and leave Tablet disabled.  The Tablet app does not support guest users currently and the UX is internal-focused.

    Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 10.47.01 AM.png

    Internal communities should Enable both client types.


    Customization Page


    The app's header color, button color, header image/logo, and homescreen bookmark icon are all configured here.  The header & button colors and the logo are shared between the phone and tablet clients and the bookmark image is phone-only.

    Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 10.47.40 AM.png



    Example after clicking Update:

    Screen Shot 2012-02-06 at 11.47.38 AM.png


    Example of the homescreen icon and in-app branding:

    icon.png                     comms.png

    The External Information Links are buttons on the login screen which point to whatever URLs the customer chooses. Typically they are used for pointing to a mobile-friendly FAQ or Support page or to a mobile registration page that the customer hosts.


    Note that they are not displayed when the oAuth Token Registration method is utilized.  Token Registration is the default for 5.0.1+ internal communities.


    Login page with External Information Links "FAQ" and "Support":



    Home Page


    On this page you can enable a home page for the phone app for communities where a browse-centric starting point is appropriate.  Typically, this would be the best practice for an external community and is how our own Jive Community is currently set up.  Note, the native iPhone and iPad apps do not support this feature.  There are 3 configurable sections:

    1. A welcome message.  This optional message is shown at the top as a note and is intended to be seen once per user.  Once the user dismisses the note they won't see it again.
    2. A small banner image.  This optional image is another branding opportunity.
    3. Featured places.  The customer can choose places to feature on the home page.  Note that they appear in the order entered so they should think ahead about which spaces, groups, and projects to feature.  If the home page is enabled and no places are chosen as featured we'll just show the first ten spaces.

    Also, for tablet, a banner for the home page can be provided.  There are two sizes; one for portrait and one for landscape.

    Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 10.53.39 AM.png





    Tablet landscape and portrait images