Version 2

    This is a workaround I came up with to watch more than one tag in the same widget (which the Watch A Tag widget can't do), using RSS feeds.  It is a multi-step process and maybe will be too time-consuming for some, but it is free! If anyone tries it out let me know how it worked for you.


    1.  On the search page, do a search using Boolean logic for whichever tags you want to find.  For example:


    (If you're not familiar with Boolean, I used the AND to denote that I want to find items that have both tags.  I could have used OR to find items that have either tag.)


    2.  Sort the results that you get by date so the most recent ones are first.


    3.  Scroll down to the bottom and see that there is an option to turn your search into an RSS feed! Click on it!




    4.  Now, subscribe to the feed.


    5.  Once subscribed, go to your Favorites menu in your browser and click on Feeds.  Once you've located the feed you just added, right click on it and select Properties.




    6.  Now, make up a username and password for your feed.




    7. Go into your Jive platform and add an RSS widget.  Edit it with the info below:




    8.  And now you're done!  A widget that watches more than one tag.  Actually, you can even add things to your search that aren't tags!