Version 2

    Within our internal community we are thinking of coming up with a widget of this kind. So I thought of bumping this idea of with rest of the JC here, to understand if someone has already done this or similar before. If there are any plugins out there already which can be modified to help suffice this need?


    Ryan Rutan do you see any of your plugins to be extended to help this requirement?

    Why we need this

    We want to provide an easy to access list of key contacts for a region or core members of a team or go-to people in a group. The advantage that we're seeking over a simple show document widget is that this is consistent with Jive behaviour and hovering over people's pictures will give you information about them and clicking through will take you to their profiles. Adding people is also significantly easier and this is something a group admin can do fairly quickly.


    User View


    This is what we want the widget to look like for a regular user. It'll have a list of upto 10 people and their roles indicated alongside.



    Group/ Site Admin's Editing View


    The widget needs to provide an admin the following functionality:

    • Edit title of the widget to what makes sense for the group
    • Add people to the widget using an auto complete list similar to the one Jive already provides
    • Edit job titles (since people will often have strange titles against their names), but default to the one on myTW already
    • On hovering or clicking the user's avatar, the widget should behave consistently with the rest of the Jive platform. (hover brings up a profile preview; click leads to the detailed profile)