Jive BIOD - How To - Sharing Reports

    As the creator of the report:


    Create a copy of the report you wish to share.

    Open the copy.

    Remove any filters which may be unique to your instance.

    Note these specifics as the recipient may need to put them in place using similar attributes for the report to function as intended.


    Purge ALL data from the report (queries).

    Purge All Queries.jpg

    Save the report with the data purged.


    Refresh the Mystuff Directory and reopen the saved and purged report.

    Ensure there is no data present.


    Modify the URL from (in example - Not an active link):



    To(in example - Not an active link):



    This section: 1dwrTEtnx9ZoiZmuqFB8B4n63W is the doc id and will vary.


    This will allow you to download the .wid file (the report).


    This may now be shared with others with access to Jive's BIOD.


    It will not work anywhere else as all references are specific to the Jive Analytics Universe.


    As a recipient of this file (the wid file):

    When in BIOD go to MyStuff-> Reports

    Click on Add New

    Upload Document

    Select the wid file you wish to upload.

    Do NOT select Establish Data Connection.

    Click on the Submit button.


    The report will now be loaded into your MyStuff Reports directory.

    Refresh the data to load with your instances data.

    If the report fails to load with data check for any query filters which may be unique to the report creators instance which may have been left in place.