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    What is the #socbiz Collective?

    The #socbiz Collective is a community blog for all members of the Jive Community to share their insights into Social Business.  Participation in this blog is 100% voluntary, and comes with no commitments.  Have just a single thought you'd like to share?  Perhaps that thought is more like 5 thoughts?   Either way, this blog is a great way to get your thoughts published to the social web to very relevant audiences!


    Best Practices

    Drive the conversation!

    • Be relevant!  Relate to Social Business (socbiz)
    • Be professional.  Avoid illicit/questionable language, imagery, and references.
    • Be original.   Convey original thoughts, ideas, or opinions.
      • Note:  Blog posts should not contain unauthorized copyrighted materials (images, videos, graphics, etc...), and should abide by all Fair Use practices.


    Make your voice count!

    • Try to make your blog posts more than 200 words, and use industry terms where possible.
    • Include pictures, or other rich-media assets.
    • Provide links for terminology and materials referenced in your post.
    • Reference your external industry profiles, such as Twitter,


    Engage your readers!

    • Remember that blogs are a dialog and not a shouting mechanism.
    • Focus on constructive conversation, let us handle antagonists.  We'll be watching, and reading! =)
      • Report abuse or share conversation with the Community Administrator to escalate conversations.


    Tips and Tools

    Understanding Audiences

    • Individuals Want: insightful content
    • Other bloggers Want: topics related to their focus areas
    • Press Want: content for their print and online publications


    Remember Good Grammar

    • Write in the first person
    • Follow writing style guides
    • Edit and proofread
    • Don’t be afraid to ask an editor/friend to proofread something


    Write for Humans and Robots

    • Post interesting content – most blogs are boring!
    • Be yourself
    • Tag it appropriately –metadata is “key” for search
    • Use bullets and lists
    • Integrate with social networks so it’s easy for people to share your posts