Version 2
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    This is in regards to JIVE-11579 (currently still "Pending").


    1. Testing out the font pull down menu issue where the menu doesn't change when you select fonts while editing your doc that have been previously set to something other than the default Arial font.


    This text is in Courier New.

    When clicking on the above while in edit mode in the RTE, I do now in fact see Verdana in the pull down, which is expected behavior... suggesting this has been fixed (why is 11579 still "Pending" then?...).


    2. Now will copy and paste the Courier New line above to see if it retains its font...


    This text is in Courier New.

    And it does.  And, as you can see, the new font face 'travels' with returns (I just hit Return twice to get to this line and start typing, and it is still in Verdana which is expected behavior).

    Manually used the pull down to switch back to Arial (and if I click back up in my text the font menu changes accordingly, which is expected behavior). 

    3. Now testing the size menu...

    This is 18 pt text.

    Clicking the line above changes the size pull down from 10 pt to 18 pt, which is expected behavior.

    4. Final copy/paste of the line to see if it retains format...

    This is 18 pt text.

    And it does, which is expected behavior.


    I think we are all done here!