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    On very large/busy instances, many requests to More Like This can slow the site down.


    Issue Details

    • Jira Issues:
      • JIVE-11968: Slow request generated from More Like This widget to getMoreLikeThisResultsByType


    Identifying the Problem



    1. Running a busy/large site



    The access logs show many slow requests to /__services/v2/rest/morelikethis/2/



    We don't intend to make changes to core functionality for this issue, as it affects few sites.  Instead, if this issue shows up, we recommend making the following system property changes:


    search.mlt.minWordLen = 5

    search.mlt.minTermFreq = 4

    search.mlt.minDocFreq = 5


    Note: Applying these properties will require a restart to take effect.