Version 4



    The virus scanner plugin has a value (Number of Retries) that limits the number of times the virus scanner will attempt to scan a file before aborting.  This value is configurable in Admin Console > System > Settings > Virus Scanner:


    When this limit is exceeded for a given file, there are a variety of possible causes.  One potential cause is that the scan server is down.  This doc gives steps that can be performed within the admin console to confirm if the virus scanner is down.


    Troubleshooting Steps


    1. Are other files being scanned successfully?

    This is the easiest way to check affirmatively that the virus scanner is not down: if files are being scanned, it means the virus scanner is not down.  There are a number of values that should be changing in the admin console:

    Jive SBS Admin Console   Virus Scanner.png

    To see the change, refresh this page occasionally over a period of a few minutes.  If any of the values change, you know that the file failed to be scanned for another reason (items waiting to be scanned must decrease, an increase of this value only implies that a new file has been enqueued).


    If there are no files waiting, you can upload a new file (Uploaded doc or attachment) to perform this test.


    2. Can the file be scanned after resetting the number of attempts?

    The number of files that have failed to scan is displayed on the row items that still need to be scanned, but have reached the maximum number of retries.  If this number is not 0, you can re-enqueue the file(s) that caused the alert by clicking Reset:


    After clicking Reset, if all values drop to 0 then you know there is no issue.


    3. File a case with Jive Software Support

    If after following these rudimentary steps, you are still unable to scan files successfully file a case with Jive's Support team so that we can take a look at the server.


    Make this email go away altogether

    If you set the Number of Retries to -1, then uploaded files will be re-scanned indefinitely until a successful scan is completed.  Since the maximum number of retries can't be reached, it can't be exceeded, so this email will never be sent.  There are 2 concerns to be aware of when taking this approach:

    1. There is a possibility that some files (only those uploaded to the senior node) will be blocked from ever being scanned due to large files being caught in a non-terminating retry loop
    2. If the AV server does go down, there will be no notification to your system admins and while it is down, your instance's resources will be wasted on the AV queue