Version 3

    This applies to: 2.5.x (as of 2.5.12) and 3.0.x (as of 3.0.3)


    High-Level Summary: Remove the option of opening a link in the same window/tab for users that click on your link.


    Where One Becomes Two


    Clicking on a link and seeing it open in a new window can be pretty annoying, but there are some valid use cases for this. There is currently a workaround (subject to change) that allows you to force a link to open in a new window by altering the HTML.


    You'll need to class="jive-link-custom" to the HTML as well as the target="_blank" property. It will look like this:


    <a href="" class="jive-link-custom" target="_blank">Link</a>


    Important Note: This will only work with external links. Links internal to Clearspace or SBS (like a document or a blog post) will always open in the same window.