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    The purpose of this document is to describe the process of adding a Facebook App to a Facebook Page (Timeline).  This is the process as of April '12, and is subject to change without notice.  The Facebook configuration options are constantly in flux and there is no guarantee that this document will reflect the latest state of the actual Facebook configuration.  Please see the official Facebook documentation for further information:





    The following assumptions are made, as a precursor for utilizing the process described here:


    • The Facebook Extension has been installed, with an appropriate license having the Facebook Module enabled
    • A Facebook App has been created and configured to house your Jive Facebook canvas
    • The Jive Facebook Extension has been configured to recognize your Facebook App


    Once the above has been completed, you are ready to proceed on to the next step(s).


    Adding a Facebook App to a Facebook Page


    The following will describe the steps required to add an App to a Page, and will use a fictitious app named "Jive PS" and a fictitious page named "Jive PS Community" as an example.



    Step 1:  Locate the App, and select it from the list -



    Step 2:  Once the App is selected, choose "Edit App" to edit the App



    Step 3:  From the App Settings menu on the left, choose "Advanced"



    Step 4:  At the bottom of the Advanced Settings page, in the Contact Info section, look for the App Page and click the link to navigate to the App Page


    Note:  The process for creating an app page is not defined here.  Simply click the "Create" link and follow the instructions provided by the Facebook page creation wizard in order to create the actual page.

    Step 5:  From within the App Page, towards the middle of the page, find the Gear icon next to the "Manage" button.  Open the Gear menu and select "Add App to Page"


    Step 6:  From the "Add Page Tab" dialog box, which pops up, select the appropriate Page (under the Choose Facebook Page drop down) to add the App to and then click the "Add to Page" button

    In this example the "Jive PS Community" page is selected, to add the "Jive PS" app to.  Any Facebook Page which you have admin access to should be displayed in the drop down box in this dialog box.


    Note: at this point the Facebook App should now be added to the Facebook Page, the next step is to validate that has happened.

    Step 7:  Navigate to the Facebook Page (the Page the App was added to, not the Facebook App page), and you should now see the Facebook App listed for the Page.


    Note: depending on the caching with your browser and within Facebook, you may need to refresh the Page once or twice before the App actually displays within the Page.

    Removing a Facebook App from a Facebook Page


    From the Facebook Page, perform the following steps.  Note that this is the Page the App has been added to (Jive PS Community in this example), and not the App Page itself.


    Step 1:  From the Facebook Page, click the "Manage" drop down and select "Edit Page"



    Step 2:  From the edit menu, which appears on the left of the page, select the "Apps" menu item



    Step 3:  From the Apps list, select the "X" to remove the App from the Page


    Note:  You can also choose the "Edit Settings" link for the App in order to change the App icon and/or label on the Page.