Version 2

    This is the 2.5.x version of the Essential Plugin.


    Note: This 2.5.x plugin is not an Official Jive Software sponsored plugin, so please don’t ping support about it. I am more than happy to make sure fix issues that you see,  so just leave me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to work on it.




    1. OnlineMembersWidget - Shows all users online.
    2. EnhancedSubSpaceWidget - Shows the # of items in each container next to the space heiarchy.
    3. FindPeopleWidget - Does a direct search to just people.
    4. BorderlessWidget - Self-explanitory.
    5. EnhancedBlogWidget - Does an abbreviation of blogs (first 200 chars) with read more and pulls images from the blog to identify them better with a failover to the users avatar.
    6. WatchTagsWidget - Specify as many tags that you want to see.
    7. MyProfileWidget - Shows your profile, your status, your work, etc.
    8. PickYourBlogWidget - Specify the exact blog to show.


    Please see the following for a supported 3.0.x version:

    Essential Plugin 3.0.x