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    Welcome to the Jive for Teams community. This community is dedicated to helping people like you get the most from their use of Jive for Teams. Whether you have business, technical or best practices questions, it's all fair game in this community. Your peers and Jive's team of success coaches are standing by to help you with any inquiry you might have. Go ahead, join the conversation!


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    Getting Help

    Please use the following table for the best ways to get the help you need:


    Trial UsersCustomers
    • In Product Chat  (see screenshot below)
    • Jive for Teams Community
    • or, contact a Success Coach via email

    As a customer, you immediately have access to our Silver-Level Support, which comes with a dedicated place for support interactions.


    If you have questions finding your support place, please contact your Success Coach. (see below)

    • In Product Chat  (see screenshot below)
    • Success Coach Hot-Line
      1-855-Itz-Jive (1-855-489-5483)
      Mon - Fri - 8am - 5pm (Voicemail available)
      Sat / Sun - CLOSED (Voicemail only)
      *calls will be returned by the next business day
    • or, contact via email

    For sales related questions, please contact your Sales Account Representative.


    If you do not know your Sales Representative, you can contact Success Coaches (see left) to determine your Account Representative.


    The following is a screenshot of how to initiate a chat from the Getting Started global header bar in the product:


    Note:  This is only available for the Trail Administrator.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Dont see your question?  Go ahead and ask in the Jive for Teams Community, and start the conversation!


    How do I extend my trial of Jive for Teams?

    By default, the Jive for Teams trial lasts 30 days. If you would like to extend your trial please contact your Jive Success Coach.


    Who has access to my company's trial of Jive for Teams?

    Access to your company's trial of Jive for Teams is restricted to your company's email domain. During the trial, anyone who signs up for Jive for Teams with an email from your company's domain will be prompted to join the trial.


    How do I restrict access of my trial of Jive for Teams?

    By default, anyone with your company's email domain can sign up for your trial. However, if you were the first to start a Jive for Teams trial, you have administrative rights and have the ability to remove users from the trial. To do this, follow these instructions.

    • Access the Admin Console by clicking the arrow next to your name in the top right corner of your Trial. Select "Admin Console."
    • Click the "People" tab to access the user list
    • Find the user you wish to remove and click the red X in the delete column.
    • Confirm by clicking "delete user."


    What happens to my data once the trial is over?

    Jive will store all data from your trial for a minimum of 5 days after the trial ends.  After day 5 through day 60 that data is available but will be deleted if somebody from your company signs up for another trial - i.e., it would be a new, blank instance but have the same url as the original trial instance.  After 60 days if nobody from your company has signed up for another trial, all data from the original trial is deleted from all Jive systems and databases.


    Can I export my data once the trial is over?

    Yes, if it's within the time window stated above. If desired, the process would be to contact your Success Coach who will export the data for you.