Jive Catalyst Extension


    The Jive Catalyst Extension is a commercial solution for Jive.  An additional commercial add-on license is required to use this extension.  In order to take advantage of this solution, please contact your sales representative.


    The Jive Catalyst Extension provides a host of widgets augmenting information distribution in your community.  Included are the following new widgets:


    • Lobby Widget and Large Lobby Widget
    • Active Participants Widget
    • Blog Summaries (EnhancedBlogWidget)
    • MyProfileWidget
    • PickYourBlog Widget
    • Enhanced Navigation Widget
    • Find People Widget
    • Place Search Widget
    • Showcase Members Widget


    Please see the documentation for further information.



    Catalyst Plugin User Guide v2.0


    Version Information

    • Update to be compatible with Jive


    • Update to be compatible with Jive 7.0.0.x


    • Update to be compatible with Jive 6.0.4.x


    • Update database version key


    • Updated to be compatible with Jive 5.0.6.x