How To Get The Most From Your Jive 30-Day Trial

    Welcome to Jive! Let's make the most of our time together.


    So, you've just set up your Jive for Teams trial site. Now what?



    1. Pick the best use for your team.


    The first thing you want to do is check out what Jive can do, then figure out which of the four uses your team will appreciate the most. Learn more in Week 1: Pick the best use for your team.


    2. See if it's working.


    Once your team has used Jive for a few days, find out if it's making a difference. For more info, check out Week 2: See if it's working.


    3. Think outside your team.


    If things are going well with your team, why not branch out? See Week 3: Think outside your team.


    4. Get an executive involved.


    You've got some success! Time to tell your boss. Learn how in Week 4: Get an executive involved.



    Alright! Let's get you plugged into Jive. Go to Week 1: Pick the best use for your team.

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