Week 3: Think outside your team.

    How To Get The Most From Your Jive 30-Day Trial

    Week 1: Pick the best use for your team.

    Week 2: See if it's working.

    You work with people across your organization. Why not invite a few to try Jive?

    Think outside your team.

    Who else would find Jive useful?

    Take a look at your meeting calendar again. Who do you have meetings with who are not on your immediate team? Maybe it's time they try Jive, too.

    If you want to get your team involved in this exercise, try this:

    1. Create a document in your Jive for Teams trial called, "Who else could use Jive?"
    2. List the names of people, teams, or departments you think would benefit from using Jive.
    3. Share with your team, and invite them to add to the list.

    Which colleagues should I invite first?

    Next, prioritize your list based on how important your collaboration with them is, and/or how easy it will be to get them to use Jive. Here are some ideas from other Jive customers to get you started:

    Here's an infographic, too - you can download a poster-ready version, here: Jive Social Enlightenment Infographic.pdf

    Click image to enlarge


    How should I invite them?

    Pick from the following email templates, and edit to taste:

    Way to spread the love! Next place to go is up...

    Week 4: Get an executive involved.

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