Week 3: Think outside your team.

    How To Get The Most From Your Jive 30-Day Trial

    Week 1: Pick the best use for your team.

    Week 2: See if it's working.

    You work with people across your organization. Why not invite a few to try Jive?

    Think outside your team.

    Who else would find Jive useful?

    1. create a document in your team's network.
    2. make a short list of colleagues in other departments that you think will like Jive, or that your team routinely or occasionally work with, and how you might use Jive to solve similar problems as your team solved. Look at your meeting calendar to get this list started.
      • For example, PMMs routinely work with PMs, PMs work with Engineers, Engineers work with Research, Research. Or, Sales teams routinely work with Sales Enablement and Marketing. Or, IT teams routinely work with a variety of communities of practice or project offices.
    3. Ask your team to edit or comment on the document.

    Which colleagues should I invite first?

    prioritize the list you made, based on how important your collaboration with them is, and/or how easy it will be to get them to use Jive.

    For example, blah blah blah.

    How should I invite them?

    pick from the following email templates, and edit to taste:

    Way to spread the love! Next, learn where to go from here...

    Week 4: Get an executive involved.

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