Week 4: Get an executive involved.

    How To Get The Most From Your Jive 30-Day Trial

    Week 1: Pick the best use for your team.

    Week 2: See if it's working.

    Week 3: Think outside your team.

    Things are working well! Time to let your boss know.

    Get an executive involved.

    Why should I involve an executive?

    When executives participate, it's as if they've given permission to everyone else to do the same. Depending on your organization's culture, executive participation can quickly make something "official" - you won't have to worry whether your Jive trial will survive beyond Week 4.

    How do executives at other companies use Jive?

    Many executives have used Jive successfully for several years. Learn how, here:

    What should I tell my manager or executive?

    Send your manager, director, or an executive that you already have a working relationship with, an email that describes the following:

    1. The problems your team solved with Jive, and your initial results. (Learn how to collect results in Week 2: See if it's working.)
    2. How they can participate, and why they should.

    Here's an email template to get you started.

    Email Template: invite an executive to participate

    Congratulations! Next step, stardom...

    Post-Trial: 5 Steps to Success

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