Email Template: invite colleagues to work better as a team

    Use with Week 1: Pick the best use for your team. and Week 3: Think outside your team.

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    "Hi, team! Are you as tired of searching through endless e-mails and quick notes jotted on scraps of paper as I am? This really isn't working. So, I've found a better way for us to work together. It's called Jive. This is a site where we can work together online, which will help us stay organized and become more efficient. This site is just for us, and we are the only ones who can access the information here, so feel free to share what we need to. When you log in, you'll see the following benefits:


    • Internet based - this is a secure site on the internet, so you can access it from anywhere
    • Online discussions - let's keep the discussion out of e-mails and in one place where we can all see the conversation; no more "reply" vs. "reply all"
    • Collaborative documents - we can create or upload files to this site, and edit them from here; current and past versions are always available
    • Project tracking - tasks, checkpoints and a calendar are included so we can all keep an eye on where our project is
    • Shared knowledge - our site can become a database of our shared knowledge, for us to reference in the future as well as point new team members to so they can get up to speed


    Our site is located at: https://oursite/tryjive (add your site's URL)


    Let's give this a try!"