Jive for Teams Spring Cloud Release Notes

Version 6

    Jive for Teams is our newest solution, available only through Jive Cloud, where you stay up-to-date with all the newest features, while still benefiting from the application's core security and privacy infrastructure. Our newest features in Jive for Teams include:


    • Invite Others -- Several new invitation widgets and modals throughout the interface make it easy to invite new users to begin contributing in your community.
    • Custom Attention Streams -- Create your own streams on-the-fly and filter out the noise of community activity. Your custom streams allow you to focus your attention on what matters: a particular topic, place, or team. For example, you might have streams for Executive Blogs, My Current Project, Posts from My Team, Water Cooler, Email Watches, and so on.
    • !App Experiences -- Just as you use @mentions to call out other users, you can now !app-mention by typing !Appname right inside a document, discussion, blog post, or comment. Other people who view your content later can see the app content right from your link. Plus, now you can see all of your installed apps by clicking the Apps button in the main toolbar (no more going to the dashboard first).
    • Jive Anywhere -- Bring any Web content quickly and easily into your community by clicking the Jive Anywhere button in your browser. For example, you might want to discuss a specific record in a CRM system, a candidate's profile on LinkedIn, or a research report on the Web.
    • Attachments -- Upload an attachment from right inside the content editor, just like @mentioning or !app-mentioning.
    • Discover Jive -- If you're using a trial version of Jive, the Get Started user tours teach you and other new users the power of Jive in just a few minutes.


    For a more detailed account of what's new and different in this release, see the following document in the The specified item was not found. group in the Jive Community. If you're not already a member of this group, we encourage you to request access to take advantage of the helpful conversations and content you'll find there.


    The What's New FAQ as of May 2 2012

    (requires membership to The specified item was not found.)