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    Jive Anywhere is a revolutionary new product from Jive that automatically connects conversation, content, and context within your Jive network with any web site or web application. It is smart enough to recognize exactly where you are, so you can have a conversation about a specific record in a CRM system, a candidate in LinkedIn, or a research report on the Web.


    Why Jive Anywhere matters.


    To get work done, you interact with many different web sites and applications--you approve invoices, review job candidates, or research on the web. When you run into something you need to discuss (for instance an invoice in an ERP system, or a candidate on LinkedIn) you end up copying and pasting information from web sites into email. The result: a horribly inefficient process that leaves you with myriad disconnected conversations.


    Previously the alternative to this approach were complicated point-to-point integrations between your collaboration platform and other enterprise systems and web sites.


    Jive Anywhere is a revolutionary approach. It brings collaboration directly into the context of any web site or web application. For instance, as you review a sales opportunity with a CRM system, you can see if anyone in your company has been discussing the company. With a click, you can create a group to discuss the opportunity with colleagues.


    Best of all, there's absolutely no code required. It just happens. Automatically.


    With Jive Anywhere, an end user can:

    • Always have the right context. With Jive Anywhere you can access relevant conversations and content from within any web site or web application.
    • Discuss and share content with a click. Whether you need to discuss a job candidate on LinkedIn, or ask for clarification on an invoice, with Jive Anywhere you can start a discussion directly within any web site or web application.
    • No-click Integration. Integrating Jive with your favorite web application takes one simple step: open the application. Done.


    With Jive Anywhere, IT can integrate Jive with any web site or web application without a single line of code.

    • Seamless social experience. Every department has their pet social project. And you know that you're going to be stuck rationalizing them for the next decade. Jive Anywhere helps you meet those one-off requests while maintaining a seamless social experience.
    • Modernize old systems. You know the drill. Corp Comms wants commenting on the Intranet. Finance wants to be able to discuss invoices. But you know those systems are miles away from being social. Don't rip and replace. With Jive Anywhere, you can add social collaboration to any web application or web site.
    • No code integrations. Jive Anywhere intelligently integrates with existing systems without a single line of code. You save time and money.


    Jive Anywhere working with:

    • Sales Force



    • Microsoft Dynamics

        Jive Anywhere - Microsoft Dynamics.png


    • Sharepoint



    • LinkedIn




    Jive Anywhere is available to all customers using Jive 5.0.1+ and Jive Cloud. There are no license fees associated with this capability.

    The following plugin must be installed for JiveAnywhere to work correctly: Extended APIs Plugin

    • For Jive 5 customers in a hosted environment, please contact Jive Support to have the Jive Anywhere Extended APIs Plugin installed.
    • For Jive 5 on premise customers, install  the Extended APIs Plugin.
    • For Jive Cloud customers, Jive Anywhere is automatically included and available to use.


    There are no plugins actually attached to this document.  After installing the server's Extended APIs, JiveAnywhere will be available to all users from the Jive instance's Tools page.

    Jive Anywhere Documentation:

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    Community User Documentation (Jive 5)

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