Version 1

    JAB-42: Problem displaying Jive Anywhere plugin in pages containing .swf or .pdf objects.

    JAB-62, JAB-74, JAB-38, and others: Jive Anywhere not automatically refreshing Discussion list.

    JAB-71: In Internet Explorer 7, zoom causes problems in the User Interface.

    JAB-72: In Internet Explorer 7, using special characters cause errors.

    JAB-79: Jive Anywhere must be reinstalled or repaired when you uninstall .Net Framework 3.5 and then install .Net framework 4.0.

    JAB-83: Jive Anywhere does not work properly with Private/Incognito browsing.

    JAB-98: In Safari, when starting a browser with multiple tabs, JAB does not appear on each tab, for example when performing a Session Restore.

    JAB-160: Jive Anywhere may not properly display Rich text Copied and pasted from another application or web site.

    Other: Creating Groups in Jive Anywhere currently excludes the blog feature you see when creating Groups in Jive. Workaround: Open the group in Jive and add the blog feature.