Version 6


    This document attempts to address the most frequently asked questions regarding the compression that takes place in Jive when attaching files to documents and discussions.

    Q: Why are my files that I am uploading being converted to zip file!?

    A: This is a fairly common question that is asked in the Jive Community. Jive automatically puts files of a certain flavor into a zip archive as a security precaution. This prevents them from being read, executed, or interpreted. This was done in order to resolve a security vulnerability in IE (CS-13332), and as a result most file types are zipped before being attached.


    More information on this topic can be found in the Jive Documentation.


    Q: What file types are zipped and which file types stay the same?

    Jive looks at more than just the extension to determine whether it will zip the attachment. This is to prevent someone from writing a malicious .exe file and simply renaming it to .pdf. The system inspects the MIME type of the file, and zips it if it falls in the following:

    • "application/octet-stream"
    • "text/plain"
    • "text/html"
    • "text/xml"
    • "image/svg+xml"


    Q: Is there any way that we can turn this feature off?

    A: No.


    Q: Please?

    A: Well, ok. You can disable this feature by setting the system property to false, and perform a restart. This will stop the system from zipping files that fall in the above five. This is something that should be done with caution, and is definitely not something that is recommended for external communities.


    Please note, this can only be turned off for Jive Custom Hosted / On-Prem.  This cannot be disabled in Jive Cloud.