Version 8

    The Delicious plugin gives your users the ability to have their Delicious bookmarks pushed into Jive SBS: simply add your Delicious username, click save and the system will automatically copy new bookmarks in Delicious to Jive SBS.



    • 08/25/2010 - upload version compatible with 4.5.x
    • 02/20/2010 - upload version compatible with 4.0.x
    • 07/25/2009 - fixed an issue with bookmarks that don't have a description / summary causing a NPE exception
    • 06/05/2009 - initial upload


    Use Cases

    • You have an account in Jive SBS and a Delicious account and you'd like to have your Delicious links mirrored into Jive SBS for other users to see.



    Like all Jive SBS plugins, you can install Delicious through the Admin console. Open the admin console and navigate to System > Plugins, then click Add Plugin and browse for your plugin JAR file.



    If you want to use it, click on 'Your Stuff' in the user bar and then click on 'Delicious'. Enter your Delicious username, optionally choose to limit the bookmarks that you want to show up in Jive SBS using the include and exclude tags and then click the 'update account ' button. After a maximum of 10 minutes (and assuming that you have bookmarks in Delicious), you should see bookmarks in your profile.



    • Only retrieves the first 15 bookmarks from your Delicious account, will not synchronize all your bookmarks, just the recent ones.
    • Only polls every 10 minutes, if you post more than 15 bookmarks on Delicious in 10 minutes, Jive SBS may not be able to retreive all the bookmarks.