Version 3

    For more information about downloading  the mobile plugin, please see the Jive Mobile Module download page.


    Jive Mobile Plugin and Jive Core Version Compatibility

    Mobile Plugin 5.0.4 is compatible with Jive 5.0.1 or later.  Jive 5.0.0 installations should continue to use Mobile Plugin version 5.0.1.


    Please refer to the Mobile Plugin / Jive Present Version Compatibility Matrix for more details.


    Notable Changes in Jive Mobile Plugin 5.0.4

    • Mobile plugin 5.0.4 enables iOS and Android push notifications for incoming items in the Jive What Matters: Communications stream, when used with the latest version of the Jive native iPhone app or the latest version of the native Android app.
    • Improved robustness when selecting featured places for the mobile and tablet home pages.
    • Mobile and tablet redirector now correctly redirect requests for user profiles where the username contains the '@' character.


    IMPORTANT Upgrade Instructions for Jive Mobile Plugin 5.0.4

    Version 5.0.4 of the mobile plugin includes database schema changes necessary to support push notifications.  Because of these changes, the upgrade procedure can fail if it is not followed exactly.


    To upgrade to Jive Mobile 5.0.4 from a previous version:

    1. Install the 5.0.4 plugin from the Admin Console
    2. Shut down all cluster nodes
    3. (Re)start the cache server node
    4. Start one node -- if there is a particular machine that is the preferred senior cluster node, start that machine first.  Wait for the node to start successfully before starting any other cluster nodes.
    5. Start all the other nodes.
    6. From the Admin Console > Mobile tab, click Save Changes.  This ensures the Mobile Gateway is aware that your Jive cluster is prepared to receive push notifications.