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    Thanks again to to the folks at Thomson Reuters for hosting an awesome user group meeting!  I took some pics, and captured a bunch of notes to take back to our internal Jive team to provide feedback, but I wanted to take the chance to post some of those notes here, so that anyone could add on and chime in on anything I might have missed.

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    I absolutely love all of the great things TR is doing to promote "The Hub" for Hub Month- and captured a few photos to share. Hope that scavenger hunt goes well!!

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    • How to Demonstrate ROI ( "return on engagement")
      • Specifically around the fact that such a large percentage of users of a community look for answers to questions, look for data, people etc but don't actually create content or comment etc- how can you prove the effectiveness and ROI of these users if you can't show their activity via community manager reports. The group was hoping Jive would have some facts or figures on this to share in the user group.
      • Ideally Jive could provide more benchmarking data (or more structured opportunities via the community for them to share data with one another)
      • Ideally Jive could create some sort of "mapped spectrum of users"
        • Where the spectrum of users is mapped and you identify the ROI for each type of user
      • Someone shared this example of ROI idea that I really liked:
        • - Every profile created on a Jive Intranet is equal to new subject matter expertise- 2,000 profiles created = 2,000 subject matter experts (the idea was that since there is the stat of profiles created, even if those folks aren't actively using Jive, if other employees can find that they are a subject matter expert and how to contact them- it's a win either way)
    • Governance/Security
      • More guidance on best practices surrounding community governance
      • Teaching users the appropriate way to engage on Jive- very specifically there were endless questions about tagging & categories and which was appropriate when and how to drive this behavior with users
      • Everyone shared that there were many more secret groups popping up than they would like but they didn't know what to do about it.
    • Demonstrating value to a non-tech workforce
      • Everyone said IT usually jumped up and started using right away, but it was more difficult to show typical business users how and why they should use Jive
    • Creating a more Blended Platform
      • Nearly all the customers represented were also using SharePoint and felt the integration story needed to be stronger since they have come to the realization that Jive is not a CMS or a document repository, but they want it to integrate more seamlessly with all the other systems that they have to use.
      • Specifically there was a lot of pain in more strategic areas such as how to not create a siloed platform like SharePoint in the Jive instance when you still need to have similar organizational structure.
    • Idea/Feedback Prioritization
      • If Ideation via the Jive community is one of the bigger ways that we help to prioritize features, they feel like it needs to be better communicated on how and when ideas become actual features.

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    Hope to see everyone promoting ideas for new features in the Jive Platform subspace of Products ! Please let me know if there was anything I missed- and I look forward to seeing you all soon at the next user group meeting or JiveWorld!


    cc: Ryan Rutan