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    Attempting to delete avatars, comments, or relationships fails silently. No error is produced, but the delete doesn't occur.




    A CDN such as Akamai could be blocking the DELETE and PUT http methods. You can test whether or not this is the case by taking the following steps:


    1. In Chrome, open your profile in Jive, and click 'Change photo & avatar'
    2. Right click on the page, and select 'Inspect Element'
    3. Go to the Network tab.
    4. In the main browser window, click the link to delete an avatar.
    5. In a working system, you will see a DELETE method and a 200 response. I've provided a screenshot of what you'll see if DELETE calls are being blocked.




    If Jive is managing your Akamai configuration, please create a support ticket with us. If, however, you are managing your own CDN configuration, please ensure that PUT and DELETE methods are enabled.