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    I thought I'd share an example of a blog post I wrote at the beginning of our rollout. I thought it would be useful for our employees to think about filling out their profile as a way to manage and enhance their reputation at work. I've scrubbed the text, so anywhere you see [Jive] you can insert the name of your Jive instance. Feel free to lift parts (or all) of this. Of course, you'd need to tweak some of it for your rollout (for example, for the variable fields mentioned in#1).




    Example Blog Post:


    Manage Your [Jive] Presence

    If you've used Linkedin, or other social media tools, you already know how important it is to proactively manage your online presence. At work, [Jive] is our tool that will show your profile and be the way many are introduced to you. And, later this year (December timeframe), the Intranet portal will also be rolled into [Jive], so ultimately there will only be one place for associates to find you. Take control of the information you put out there about yourself, and proactively and positively affect how others see you. One great way to ensure that people know what you're all about is to complete your profile on [Jive].




    Three easy steps to manage your reputation on Pulse:


    1. Completely fill in your [Jive] profile to earn trust.


    There are some variable fields in your profile for you to fill in that can make your profile more robust. They are:


    Biography - tell us about your background and major accomplishments

    Expertise - share your work skills here & don't be shy! Highlight what you're best at and what you want to be known for

    Education - Let us know your alma mater & subject area of study

    Tags - Use tags to help others find you more easily! Type in your title (eg, Project_Manager), certifications (eg, PMP), key words to denote your subject matter expertise (eg, PMBOK, Project_Scope) and other key words that apply to you or your subject area.


    * Tip: Imagine a future where everyone has filled in the tags on their profile. . .at some point in the future you may be looking for some information, say, maybe you are looking for a mentor. You decide to search on the phrase "mentor_PM" in Pulse, and, lo and behold! A list of 50 people is displayed in your search results! Thanks to all those people who chose to tag themselves in their profile, you now have a network of people you can reach out to, and get started on finding the right mentor for you.


    See: Setting up a Profile [this is linked to content in our Jive instance]






    2. Upload your picture/avatar to start relationship building.


    I've said it before, but it bears repeating:


    Did you know that using natural photos of humans (as opposed to stock photograpy) can increase visitor engagement to a web site by as much as 90%* That’s why using photos is such a popular model for Linkedin and other social media sites. Get to know your co-workers better - uploading your photo to your profile is a great way for folks to visually align themselves with an organization. This putting-a-face-with-a-name and networking ability will help drive engagement and result in easier ways for people to connect at work.



    You can upload up to 4 images into your profile and designate one of them as the primary photo that people will see when they visit your profile. Note that choosing/uploading an avatar is a separate step, so be sure to do that as well! Your avatar is what will appear next to all your activity in [Jive], so be sure to choose a clear photo that represents you well. And remember, photos of your kids are nice, but save them for one of your profile photos. It's YOUR smiling face we want to see in your avatar!



    See: Uploading a Profile Picture and Choosing an Avatar [this is linked to content in our Jive instance]




    3. Stay or get more active on [Jive]


    Being active in [Jive] will help you make connections, get to know colleagues that you might otherwise never meet in person, and help build your reputation in the long run.


    Connect with people you know by following them. Following a person in [Jive] means that their activity will show up in your Followed Activity Stream, thus giving you convenient access to the news you want to know.

    Use status updates to advertise your blog or other content

    Be generous- like, rate, and comment on others' work. Answering questions in [Jive] can boost your credibility and demonstrate your expertise as well.

    Share useful links to resources or articles that will be of interest to others


    See: Connecting to People in Your Community, Streams - Activity [this is linked to content in our Jive instance]




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