Version 3

    Typically, Thursday's are a big day for community managers who manage Jive-powered communities. It's when the system sends out the weekly email summary notifications. However, some recipients of this email sometimes view this notification as spam or of some kind of marketing message (we all know it's clearly not). They subsequently reply to the notification requesting that they be "removed" or "unsubscribed" from your distribution lists.


    If you have the resources and time, I recommend spending a few minutes training the member on how to update their email preferences or pointing them to some sort of help documentation. But in other cases, members just don't want to be bothered and just want you to complete their request. So, how do you unsubscribe or remove them from receiving the email summary notification? Do you log in on behalf of the member and update their preferences for them? Do you disable their account? Some of us don't have the luxury of having access to member passwords (especially if you have an SSO implementation), and disabling a member's account is not a best practice.


    Manage unsubscribe requests with User System Properties


    Here's what to do:

    1. Navigate to a member's User Properties Admin Console > People > User Search > User Properties
    2. Locate the property name "jive.digest.frequency"
    3. Edit the property and input a "0" (zero) in the property value field. Click "Save Property"


    What if the User Properties doesn't have the "jive.digest.frequency" property name? That's easy, just add it.

    1. Follow step one above.
    2. In the Add new property field, enter these values
      • Property Name: jive.digest.frequency
      • Property Value: 0
    3. Click Save Property


    For your reference, the below table lays out the property name to be added and the value based on the frequency desired.  

    Property Name
    Property ValueEmail Summary Frequency
    jive.digest.frequency1Once a week on Thursday
    jive.digest.frequency2Twice a week on Tuesday and Friday
    jive.digest.frequency3Every day