Template for notifying users of upcoming Express upgrades

Version 4

    Hi Team,


    Good news! Our Jive community will be upgraded to the most recent version of Jive. This is due to take place the day of *DATE* and the community will be unavailable during this time. Once it’s up, there will be some very positive changes: improved user experience, mobile support, automatic version updates, and more!


    What else is new in Jive?


    Recommended content and Custom Streams:

    Jive’s intelligent activity streams keep you and your teammates in step at all times. Follow the people, projects and content critical to your job. Create customized Attention Streams to track specific activities. And Jive doesn’t flood you with irrelevant updates. It’s smart enough to pick out just the things you really need to know.

    Apps Marketplace:

    Jive brings the simplicity of consumer apps to the enterprise-- on-demand integrated apps that customize and extend your Jive workflow. Users can easily discover, buy and install IT-approved apps from the Jive !Apps Market.

    Jive Anywhere:

    A revolutionary new capability, Jive Anywhere, brings social collaboration to every website and web-based application. Wherever you go, Jive Anywhere goes with you, giving you access to relevant content, conversations and connections from your Jive community.


    Here's to an even better new way to get work done!