Version 1

    Attached the Partner Team requirements and the suggested Training Path.


    Note: this represents Jive's current enablement program for partners. A fully revamped enablement plan is in the works.


    Technical Enablement


    Onsite Training


    Jive 5 Onsite Partner Training - 4 day agenda covering usage, administration, and development. Delivered onsite at a partner's office, and includes online training course enrollment.


    Remote Training


    Jive 5 Remote Partner Training - Covers same topics as the 4-day onsite program but is delivered remotely via shared webex sessions, and includes online training course enrollment. Webinars are offered on a monthly basis per a schedule timeline


    Online Training


    Online Partner Starter Pack - Enrollment for up to 5 people in our online self-paced user, community manager, system admin and developer training courses. No discounts allowed on this already heavily-discounted bundle.


    Strategic Consulting Enablement


    Onsite Strategy Training - Three day onsite course that provides an overview of the Jive Strategy Consulting method for developing a business strategy for a Jive implementation.  The participants will have an opportunity to apply their learning to a case, taking a client through the Jive method of Plan, Design, Launch and Manage.

    • NOTE: Strategy training cannot be completed until the partner has completed the Technical Training (usage and administration)


    Sales Enablement


    1. JiveU Bootcamp - Partners are invited to attend the new hire sales training courses that Jive conduct on a monthly basis in the Palo Alto or Portland office. This is targeted towards Jive sales, not partners, but still provides useful information around product features, key sales messaging, pricing, etc.
    2. Monthly webinars  to update partners on latest company news. Partner Monthly Communcations Update
    3. Quarterly road shows (1 week).