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    How can Social Business Software improve the way you work?


    Review the Laminated Pitch 00- Jive Laminate Pitch - Jan2013 - English Version - You will need to study it, learn it and repeat it!


    6 ways that Social Business Software has improved the way employees work:

       1. Allows employees to collaborate daily at lowered costs.

       2. Eliminates distance barriers. For example, my manager works in Austin and I work in Palo Alto.

       3. Fosters open and natural communication, that mirrors the way people converse in face-to-face conversation.

       4. Enriches project work by making it easier to leverage cross-team participation.

       5. Encourages the sharing of institutional knowledge, content, and thought leadership.

       6. Leverages the greater scope and scale of the web to help employees strengthen bonds with suppliers, customers, partners and other employees.


    Who is Jive?

    1.   Download/Watch
 - Jive Software - Investor Relations

        youtube:         The Jive Difference: Our CEO, founders, and customers speak.      - YouTube

    2. Download/Read all attachments in Analyst Reports: Jive Social Business Analyst Reports - Jive

    3. Download/Read Jive Core Messages

    4. Download/Read: Why Jive datasheet

    5. Download/Read: Jive Corporate Deck 2012

    6. Download and Translate Jive Corporate Presentation - July 2012


    How has Jive helped other customers?


    1. Download and Memorize 6 Key Customer Stories.pptx

    2. Customer Screenshots

    3. Alcatel-Lucent Centralizes Internal Communication with Jive

    4. Customer Videos - Jive Social Business Software

    5. Jive Software Case Studies - Jive

    6. Jive Customer Success Booklet_January 2012.pdf

    7. YouTube: Jive Community Videos - YouTube

    8. The specified item was not found.

    9. 2011 - Customer Survey Data.pdf



    What does Jive sell?

    1. Browse to Try Jive - Free 30-Day Trial and enter your Jive Software email address. This is what your prospects do.
    2. Follow instructions in the validation email you receive.
    3. After logging into our company's Try Jive trial, click "Get Started" at the very top.
    4. Complete all four Quests:
      1. Work better as a team
      2. Have fewer meetings
      3. Collaborate on documents
      4. Get connected
    5. Download Jive Product Overview
    6. Download/Watch:
      1. Social Intranet Solution
      2. Social Customer Service Solution
      3. Social Marketing and Sales Solution
    7. Social Business Solutions - Become A Social Enterprise With Jive


    What Questions to ask?


    1. Social Intranet Solution Playsheet

    2. Social Customer Service Solution Sales Playsheet

    3. Social Marketing and Sales Solution Playsheet

    4. When your audience says: “No time. No money. No thanks.”


    How does Jive make customers successful?


    1. Read: 7 Successful Adoption Practices

    2. Download and Understand Jive Social Business Blueprint

    3. Community Activity Patterns: Employee Community Activity Patterns in Large Organizations

    4. How businesses use social business software at the micro level: Example User Activities by Business Unit

    5. How to Launch a Community Sample Video: Pearson Always Learning - Launch Video (Dino)

    6. A Successful Project Team

    7. Groups vs. Spaces in v4.5 (a decision matrix)

    8. Patterns / Use Cases

    9. Resource Library - White Papers, Resource Kits  Whitepapers

    10. Specific Use Cases-Problem Benefit Result: Specific Use Cases-Problem Benefit Result Sept 2011.pptx

    11. Economic Impact Report: Jive Total Economic Impact Report- Final.pdf

    12. Use Cases that have the strongest financial impact Use Cases with High financial Impact



    What To Demo?


    1. Ask your Prospect to Subscribe to the Jive Software Channel in You Tube: Jive Software - YouTube

    2. Show them - Business Practices That Refuse To Die #44: Email Trees - YouTube   -  Email vs. Collaboration Video

    3. Jive Anywhere Demo - Jive Anywhere - Demo - YouTube

    4. A Solution Example: Jive Social Customer Service Solution - YouTube


    Product Videos (Takes you away from the Community)


    Social Intranet: Jive Social Intranet - The Best Social Company Intranet Solution

    Social Marketing & Sales Enablement: Social Marketing and Sales Enablement Solutions - Jive

    Social Media Monitoring: Social Media Monitoring & Engagement Tools - Jive Fathom

    Social Customer Service: Customer Service and Support Community Solutions - Jive


    How can I Prepare myself to Inspire Action?


            How great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek      - YouTube


    Before the End of Your Call - Make them Try Jive for 30 Days Free


    1. Learn  Jive Announces Next-Generation Social Business Platform

    2. Understand: How To Get The Most From Your Jive 30-Day Trial





    1. Jive Right Start Successful Practices+Initial FTEs+Timeline

    Use this in 2nd or 3rd meeting to:

    • sell the value of Strategy Consulting
    • communicate the initial investment in full-time equivalent (FTE) staffing
    • demonstrate how long it typically takes to roll out enterprise-wide (or to "the world" if external)


    • Jive Strategy Consulting will make you successful, faster
    • The most important net-new resource you need is 50% FTE Community Manager - will grow to 100% over the first year, depending on community growth/participation
    • In 3 months, you'll have enough data to make a fact-based go/no-go decision re: larger deployment


    2. Jive for Teams What do I need to do in the next 4 Weeks ?

         I need to get training for my Community? Jive Workshop Webcasts - every Wednesday at 9 PST

         Get Help with Jive for Teams Get Help with Jive for Teams

         Follow these Steps for achieving Success 5 Steps to Success

    Jive Sales Process


    There are seven stages in the Jive Sales Process:


    1. Opportunity ID: determine if qualified lead is interested in Jive solution, has potential executive sponsor, has potential budget
    2. Vision Development: develop a solution vision that resonates with decision makers
    3. Solution Proof: satisfy key technical and non-technical solution criteria
    4. Proposal Acceptance: deliver and obtain acceptance of a solution proposal
    5. Pending Sale: confirm purchase decision and negotiate contracts
    6. Processing: order is in house
    7. Closed Won: order is booked



    JiveSales Process.png






    Sample of a Successful First to Third Meeting


    You can Complete the Following Information:




    Sales Team:




    Stage 1

    Opportunity ID




    Stage 2

    Vision Development

    Stage 3

    Solution Proof

    Stage 4

    Proposal Acceptance



    Initial Presentation & Demo



    Stakeholder Interviews



    Solution Presentation



    Custom Solution Demo

    Mutual Acceptance Plan



    Technical Discussions









    Professional Services



    Business Case Presentation