Version 1

    1. Create A Document with TITLE: <<COMPANY NAME>> - DATE -


    Attendees from the <<COMPANY NAME>>

         Name and Role



    • Who is Jive?  Background, history and where we are now
    • Customer examples; Apple, T-Mobile, Manheim, EMC, Cisco, Netapp, Panoptix, SAP and called up COD MW3 based on Mike's questions
    • Agreed that <<COMPANY NAME>>  could benefit (B2C), LOB NAME1 (1,000 users), LOB NAME2  (B2D) and Intranet
    • Probe for  benefits, customer examples and use cases
      • Show Demo around People, Places, Content, Discussions
      • What to say so Prospect remembers what is Jive?


    Final outcome and Follow-up

    • Agreed to blueprint stage for next meeting (2 hours)
      • Will give us dates that will work for them
      • Would like to have a Strategy Consultant member with the SE to lead this event - if Jive is Available agrees and is available
        • CBI development, use cases, environment, etc.
    • Need to send my powerpoint to the Prospects
    • As  stated in my note:  Mr. Company Name final comments were "I would sign the check for this today - it provides everything we need" however Mr. Company Name does not own the budget but it was a great statement to hear from the business to end our meeting.
    • At the end of our meeting the Mr. Company Name  sent a note to several other Prospects teams advocating Jive.