Status Points and Community Manager Reports

Version 1

    Community Manager Reports includes a "User Leaderboard" that is based on status points earned while using Jive.  The purpose of this document is to clarify the relationship between what is shown in this report and points as they show up inside the Jive application itself.


    Description of CMR's User Leaderboard


    In Community Manager Reports, User Leaderboards show up in two contexts.

    • In the Global Reports, the User Leaderboard reflects points gained anywhere in Jive
    • In Reports in a Group or Space, the User Lederboard reflects points gained only in that Group or Space (optionally including Subspaces)


    Both the Global and Container-level User Leaderboards support export to CSV, which shows the top 1000 users.  The comments below apply to information in the CSV files as well as the information displayed in the report.


    It is important to note that the User Leaderboard reflects a particular time window.   The User Leaderboard reflects the points earned by users over that time interval.    In the Dashboard view, the time interval is always the preceding 90 days; in the detailed reports any custom time window may be selected.  [NOTE: this behavior was a change in the version of CMR released in May 2012.  Previously, the User Leaderboard reflected points gained over all time.] 


    In Jive, it is possible (though not especially common) for a user's points to go down.  For example, if an Answer that was previously marked as Correct is subsequently unmarked as Correct, the points gained by the user for providing the Correct answer will be removed.  The User Leaderboard in CMR does not account for removed points.  Although this may change in the future, the current version of CMR incorporates only points earned and not points removed.


    Finally, as with all of CMR, the User Leaderboard in CMR is updated once per day.  In particular, the User Leaderboards are not updated continuously as users earn points.


    Differences Between CMR and the Jive Web Application that can Result in Different Points Being Displayed


    Given the way that the CMR User Leaderboard works, it will almost always be the case that the points reflected in CMR are different from those shown for a user in the Jive Web application.  The following are some of the specific factors:


    - The Web App shows a user's total earned points (in real-time)

    - The chart is updated once daily, by default


    - The Web App updates the user's earned points whether increased or decreased

    - The chart only considers new points; it does not deduct points


    - The Web App displays a user's total earned points from the time he or she joined the community until the current moment

    - The chart shows by default the user's earned points in the last 90 days till yesterday (or a different time interval may be selected)


    - The Web App displays the user's total earned points anywhere in the community

    - The chart shows considers all points in the global dashboard; however in containers it only considers points earned in those places


    Finally, note that throughout these remarks "points" refers to the reward system build into Jive core.   Other points systems exist, such as the Advanced Gamification Module or other add-on offerings, but these are distinct systems and have no direct relationship to the User Leaderboards in CMR.