Version 1

    For our users, the toughest thing to get used to in Jive is usually the email notification settings.  We get tons of questions from people who are confused about how to set them up.  I designed this training activity to help people figure out how they should set up their email--it's an online quiz, inspired by the ones that were all the rage in the early 2000s (like "What Full House Character Are You?" or "What Is Your Spirit Animal?").  Users take the quiz, which was designed as a Captivate module, and it tells them their "email personality," which essentially boils down to how often they like to receive emails from Jive, and on what topics.  Then they're directed to a graphic that gives them instructions on how to set up preferences for their "personality."


    We got some pretty good feedback on this--users called it "fun," "helpful," and "most importantly, short"--so I thought I'd share screenshots of the quiz and graphics on here in case anybody wants to try their own version!