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    Let's use this document to crowd-source a reference of available analytics and reporting solutions for Jive.  Please add to this based on your research and experience!


    NameVendorJive-aware?StrengthsWeaknessesLinks to How-To'sCommunity ContactsNotes
    Jive AnalyticsJive Software, Inc.Yes
    • Tons of data available to report upon.
    • Ability to build complex reports and to schedule them
    • Good for reports where you know exactly what you want and need to run it on a regular basis
    • Export to Excel, PDF, etc.
    • Difficult to use, steep learning curve, few sample reports included, buggy site
    • .Need deep understanding of Business Objects
    • Need a strong understanding of the underlying data
    • Very difficult to explore the data; Time consuming to run a report, modify filter, run report again, etc.
    • Not designed to schedule reports with dynamicdate ranges (e.g., past 12 months)
    • Add-on module must be purchased through Jive
    Andrew Kratz
    Community Manager ReportsJive Software, Inc.Yes
    • Free
    • Integrated into Jive, easy for community admins to use, no additional software needed.
    • Useful filters from profile fields.
    • Export data to Excel
    • Good visual overview of key metrics
    • Very simple reports, limited ability to drill down
    • Limited ability to see "what" people were doing
    • No ability to view the data by custom dimensions
    • No ability to see activity related to specific piece of content, for example, most popular documents or blog posts.
    • No ability to see number of downloads
    • Activity is measured over a 30-day period; there is no way to see activity for a specific day

    Community Manager Reports 4.5 Documentation


    Community Manager Reports 5.0 Documentation

    Google AnalyticsGoogle, Inc.No
    • Free
    • Very simple to implement
    • Shows data not available in Jive, such as mobile device access and country of origin
    • Can see current number of users online (useful for livestreaming events)
    • Allows you to compare data sets; e.g., # of visitors this month versus last month, number of visitors from North America versus APAC, etc.
    • Simple view over time of how many visitors you have on your site
    • Shows you path analysis to see where people are coming from
    • Reports on search terms used in your site
    • Provides insights into which browsers are being used to access the site
    • Doesn't track unique views or data about a specific user
    • Mobile information is tied to mobile devices going to Community URL. It is not tied to the Jive Mobile app itself.
    • Region/Country information is skewed due to corporate intranets and how users get out to the internet itself. (e.g. 5 countries may all go through 1 country to get to the internet)
    • If Jive is your browser home page, activity appears higher than it may actually be
    • Uses urls only, so content is not associated with the group where it is posted

    Jive 4.5 Documentation - Integrating Web Analytics


    Tracking Traffic from Jive System-Generated Emails with Google Analytics

    May be able to track downloads
    OmnitureAdobe Inc.No
    • Requires purchase of Omniture
    Omniture & Jive Integration
    WebTrendsWebTrends, Inc.No
    • Requires purchase of WebTrends
    WebTrends Integration
    Jive Analytics DatabaseJive Software, Inc.Yes
    • Free, if you already have a BI tool to analyze the data
    • Full access to all data in the Analytics database (from raw data to aggregated data);
    • Business Objects data is a subset of this database
    • Data should match what appears in CMR
    • Can utilize any ODBC compliant database tool against the data
    • Targeted at technical users with deep database knowledge
    • Requires user to download Jive database from Jive Cloud
    • Requires user to restore the database to on-prem database
    • Requires deep database knowledge as Jive only provides a partial data dictionary and no entity relationship diagram
    • Not available for download with the Jive Cloud option
    Installing Postgres for Jive DWH ImplementationBill ChamberlainThis is the full data set, but you need to understand it pretty well. I will add additional information here shortly about a framework we've built that sits on top of this database and addresses many of the concerns raised about the BO and CMR reporting options. (This is a framework we've discussed a bit with a few people at Jive.)
    Jive Admin ConsoleJive Software, Inc.Yes
      • Free
      • Provides basic information around activity in the site
    • Useful for only the most basic of inquiries
    • Some of the information is only available for the particular container you are reviewing
    • Export capabilities are limited
    • Graphs are very unsophisticated
    • Data can be hard to reconcile with what you see in the CMR
    QlikViewQlikTech, Inc.


    (developing connector)

    • Easy to use and quick to develop
    • Sub-second respond time to user
    • Not the traditional "query"
    • All data, down to transaction-level detail, available to the user
    • Combine Jive data and an other data source (, Oracle, SAP, .xls, etc.)
    • Build once, deploy anywhere (iPad, iPhone, PC, etc.)
    • Export to .xls,  PDF
    • Global "Search" capabilities
    • Great visuals
    • QlikView uses Jive for its online community (
    • Free to trial at
    • Not the chosen BI platform by Jive - which is BOBJ



    Free Personal Edition:


    60+ QlikView Demos:

    Michael Johnson

    Bill Chamberlain

    • Check out the website and demo site then download the QlikView Personal Edition to get started. Let me know if you have questions.
    • Centric Consulting has built a framework based on QlikView that we will be making available to clients. It combines the power of QlikView with our knowledge of Jive's data and is a compelling data tool. (We have had some discussions with Jive on what we have built out.)
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