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    The purpose of the SMZi18n-Plugin is to allow Community Managers to easily change the wording and translations of a Jive system, without the need for development or IT involvement.


    All changes can conveniently be edited via UI. No deployment or downtime required - your changes will be live instantly.


    Since the release of Version 1.1.0, you can add new languages to jive, enable the "i18n-key discovery"-mode and change the wording of other plugins.


    Furthermore you will be able to import and export your changes between your different jive instances such as development, staging/qa and production.


    The plugin also allows easy (re-)integration with your existing and ongoing development.


    Watch our screencasts and make sure to take a look at our product brochure.

    General Product Screencast


    1.1.0 Release: New Features Screencast


    2.0.0 Release: Advanced Key Discovery Mode

    This is a commercial plugin - but you can request your Free Trial-License at


    For more information check our website at or write an Email to