UI Editor

Version 56

    Allow your Community Manager to easily change the wording and translations of a Jive system, without the need for development or IT involvement. No deployment or downtime is required—changes are live instantly.



    The UI Editor includes simplifying translation and management of UI text, editing labels and interface elements directly in the front end, adding translations for new languages with one click and easily keeping track of different language versions. On top of all this, no programming knowledge is needed.



    • Create and edit labels and interface elements directly in the front end and in the right context within Jive UI

    • Manage translations and UI changes with significantly reduced complexity and effort

    • Add translations for new languages with one click

    • Import and export changes between your different Jive environments such as development, staging/QA, and production


    Take a look at the full brochure for more about how it works, UI screenshots, FAQs, and how to get started, and see our Product Matrix for up-to-date version and environment compatibility information.


    1.1.0 Release: New Features

    2.0.0 Release: Advanced Key Discovery Mode

    Since version 1.1.0 you can easily add new languages to Jive,

    enable the i18n-Key Discovery mode, and change the wording of other plugins.


    Try it

    Contact us at info@pokeshot-smz.com, and check out our Translation Management too.



    Visit pokeshot-smz.com for more information about the UI Editor.



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