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    The Bay Area Jive User Group meeting for July 2012 was held at the new home of HP Software, at Moffett Towers in Sunnyvale CA. Special thanks to eberhard schade for arranging the facility logistics and also presenting on the HP employee instance of Jive (named HP Connections).


    Thanks also to Scott Lawley for participating in the meeting planning and presenting a proposal for Jive Influencer Councils (details below).


    Meeting notes:


    Companies represented:

    HP Software






    Good Technology

    Inxpo (partner)



    HP Connections (HPC) presentation (eberhard schade)


    HP is a big Sharepoint account

    Instance was stood up as a sales enablement platform. Extend to other groups (rather than adding Sales last)


    60+ champions and moderators

    ** This has been a key investment.

    It as tough in the first six months to find and nurture these people. Now it is self sustaining


    HPC Custom UI elements  (Detlef Vischer)


    These elements are embedded in HTML widget - *not* Jive customization):


    Tabbed widget for home pages

    - content served via standard Jive doc

    - separate doc for each tab


    Rotating banner / Video slider

    - Content driven by documents


    Expanding widgets (saves on screen real estate)


    Lots of use of Lobby widget (Is this widget available in version 4.5 only?)


    Targeted discussion link - click link, discussion opens in specific location


    Lost? dropdown - navigation that shows list of relevant spaces and groups


    HPC is very much driven and managed by the business

    IT manages the infrastructure and keeps us running, but the UI decisions and custom UI are business-driven


    Possible impact of upgrading to Jive 5 on the above custom elements:

    - HTML class names have been changed. Custom scripts will need to be changed

    - Detlef's recommendation: remove all custom scripts, upgrade, reapply the scripts

    - Hoping that custom theme will include some classes, so less work


    Question was raised regarding partner strategy and bridging.

    None of the attendees are using the Bridging module.


    Per Shane Rogers Scott Lawley Jive is considering hybrid between spaces and groups

    - Cannot apply LDAP attributes to groups

    - Some people don't understand space hierarchy

    - Jive starting to consider the needs behind this



    Q&A / Sharing: Who is upgrading to Jive 5 or Jive 6?


    Pega: Skipping Jive 5 because of dependence on Your View

    Custom streams is part of Jive 6. But first iteration will not include Categories

    Pega has a customization to send email notifications based on Categories


    LivePerson: currently on Jive 4.5 for customer/partner instance

    Internal instance is on on Jive 5

    Want to upgrade to Jive 6 soon


    McKesson: Currently on Jive 5.

    - Very interested in Jive 6 to help with onboarding. Members are pharmacists, so guided training will be very useful.

    - Also interested in theme customization features, to allow for more vanilla implementation.


    HP ArcSight: Recently upgraded from Jive 4 to Jive 5

    - Was very concerned about members being list in the new UI, but fears have not materialized.

    - Concerned about members getting more email notifications than before. See Jive 5 Email Notifications: Where are they coming from? How can I turn them off? - this is intended to teach members how to figure out what generated an email notification.

    - Discontinued use of Private Messages. Existing private messages were not carried over to Jive 5 - members had to manually save any content prior to the upgrade.



    Influencer Council (Scott Lawley)


    Borrowing from the model and success of ASUG: Americas SAP User Group, which includes:

    Standard user group

    SIG: Special Interest Group

    Influencer Council


    What is Jive missing in its maturity? Let's give them an influencer council.

    What if Jive came to influencer council first, when considering what will go into the next version?


    Mission: Help shape the future of Jive solution strategy.


    If we don't have to customize, upgrade path is easy.

    The only way we don't have to customize is for Jive to give customers what they need.

    Build into the product the reason customers do customization. Or, make it easy for customizations to be upgraded.


    Proposal for Influencer Council pilot:

    • Identify a short list of product areas that customers would like Jive to address
    • To determine the product areas, focus on:
      • Role (such as Admin, Moderator)
      • Activities (what actions to these roles perform?)
    • Present the feedback to Jive, including description, product requirements, use cases
    • Are there any areas that can be included in product planning for Jive 7?


    Next Steps:

    • Identify volunteers
    • Select product areas, 3 to 5 items, for example:
      • Admin: The Admin Console has not been upgraded in a long time. What actions to Admins perform that could be improved?
      • Moderator: Bulk move/bulk processing, etc.
    • Flesh out the topic areas, present to Jive
    • Timeline: Present to Jive within Q3 2012 (July-August-September)


    If you are interested in participating in an Influencer Council, please sign up here: Influencer Councils: Setup and Brainstorm Topics



    Volunteer for the next Bay Area Jive User Group


    David Gleason as volunteered the LivePerson office in San Francisco for the next user group meeting.


    Tentative date: Tuesday, September 25, 2012